Day 362: Sunday Morning

Sunday, October 2, 2016

We bought these wool dryer balls whenever Silas was about to be born because they were considered safer on newborns than dryer sheets. They work nicely as long as the clothes were dried on warm setting, or if there wasn’t too many clothes in there, or with multiple dryer cycles. We didn’t really notice much static so I guess it wasn’t a big deal in this area. The appeal with those for some people is that they are hypoallergenic (unless you’re allergic to wool) or they can be used up to something like 3 years so they can save money if you make sure to clean the dryer vent each time. Anyway, that’s what Silas is playing with in these photographs. 🙂 He likes playing fetch lately, also…. I can throw a plastic disk and he will chase it and bring it back or try to throw it back.

Sorry it’s been a while since updating, I’m working on a couple projects outside of the 365 deal.



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